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I-PEX adapter set for LVDS applications | 30 pin


The adapter set ADA-I-PEX-20455-30-SET-0250LI is especially designed for high speed LVDS applications/LCD display control.
An adaption between the display cable and a conventional cable is easily feasible.

The adapter set includes:

  • 1 x ADA-I-PEX-20455-30
  • 1 x KAB-I-PEX-20453-030T-0200-1:1
  • 1 x KAB-SHDR-40V-0-250LI


Technical data:

Adapter board for transformation of IPEX micro coaxial cable 20453-030 into conventional cables.
side 1: I-PEX 20455-30, R = 0.50 mm
side 2: ACES-87219-4000
size: 29.00 mm x 24.00 mm


side 1: I-PEX-20453-030T, R = 0.50 mm
side 2: I-PEX-20345-030T, R = 0.50 mm
AWG40, micro-coax, configuration 1:1, L = 200 mm


side 1: SHDR-40 or 87219-4000
side 2: unprocessed
30 x single strands, multi color, AWG28, UL 1571
L = 250 mm (unplugged)


The single components of a set may also be supplied separately. Further customized solutions upon request. Please let us know your requirements. We would be glad to submit you our individual quotation.


Fits for display: HX104X01-212, HV101WX1, FG100180DSSWNG01, B156HW01 V3 , N156BGE-E41, N173HGE-E11, B140XTN3.2(H/W:0A), G156HTN01.0, LP156WH4-TPA1, N156BGE-E41, N173HGE-E11, DLF1095‐ENN‐A01, G156HTN01.0 REV.1.0, LM270WR2-SPA1, LTD111EXCA, G133HAN02.0, LM238WR2-SPE1, N133HCE-GA1, N116HSE-EBC, TM116VDSP01-00, TM116VDSP02, LM315WR1-SSA1, LM270WR3, TM116VDSP02-00, PV156FHM-N20, IPS156A102A, G121ACE-LH2, G185HAN01.4, G101ICE-LH3, G101ICE-LH1, G101EAN02.4, G116HAN01.0, G121ACE-LH1

Fits for eDP™ display: B140HAN01.1_rev1.1, G156HTN01.0, VVX09F035M10, LP141WP2-TPA1, LP156WF4-SPU1, NV140FHM-N41, B116XTN02.2, LD116WH1-SPN1, N133BGE-E41, NL192108AC18-01D, LP140WHU-TPD1,

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