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Display Adapter for TIANMA P1330FHF1MA00 LCDs


Enhance the connectivity of your display with our high-quality assembly adapter, specifically designed for the TIANMA P1330FHF1MA00 LCD. This adapter facilitates a seamless connection between the display and other components, ensuring top-notch performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Side 1: FH34SRJ-10S-0.5SH(50), 10-pin, Pitch: 0.50 mm, or equivalent
  • Side 2: Molex 53261-0871, 8-pin, Pitch: 1.25 mm, or equivalent
  • Dimensions: Approximately 17 x 11.70 mm


  • High-Quality Materials: The adapter is crafted from high-quality materials for reliable performance.
  • Precise Connection: Ensures a precise and secure connection between the TIANMA P1330FHF1MA00 LCD and other components.
  • Compact Design: With dimensions of approximately 17 mm x 11.70 mm, the adapter is compact and facilitates integration into various systems.

Attention! Special Configuration:

  • PIN1 Position: Please note that in the 12505WR-08 socket, the PIN1 position is on the left side. Refer to the attached drawing for precise alignment.

Enhance the performance of your display with our adapter, designed for reliability, precision, and compatibility. Invest in quality and secure your display adapter for a seamless user experience.

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