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Adapter for FFC/FPC | pitch: 0.50 mm, 40 pin


This adapter is to connect FFC or FPC cables very simple to other connector systems. It is designed to host 0.50 mm / 40 pin cables with 0.30 mm thickness.

A small adapter PCB mounted with a flex connector (bottom contact) and a header to take the MICRO-IDC connector for the flat cable. The flexconnector is used either with the delivered FFC cable or with FPC cables mounted on the component you like to connect.

Technical specifications:

  • dimension: 45.1 (l) x 25.1 (w) x 6.7 (h) (in mm)
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 40.7 g


  • small, light weight and low profile
  • easy handling
  • no special design for small quantities needed
  • customized design according to your requirements possible

The standard set includes: a FFC cable (length = 208 mm, type A = stripped equilaterally) with matching number of poles as well as a flat cable (length = 500 mm) with matching number of poles. The FFC connector is designed for flex cables of 0.30 mm thickness (+/- 0.05 mm). The jack is provided for bottom connection with the FFC cable.

Various lengths available on request.

This cable supports the following displays (amongst others): N154C6-L01, AA150XC01, LB080WV3-B1, LMS700KF01, LMS700KF01-001, LQ043T1DG01, LQ043T1DG02, LQ043T3DX02, LTA065A043F, LTE700WQ, LTP700WV-F01, NL10276AC30-07, PD024OX8, T-51511D150-FW-A-AC, T-51511D150-FW-A-AD, TX14D11VM1CBA TX14D12VM1CBA, TX14D16VM1CBC, TX14D16VM1CBC, TX16D11VM2CBA, TX18D16VM1CAA, TX18D17VM2BAA, TX18D57VM2BAA, TX20D16VM2BAA, TX23D16VM2BAA, TX31D58VM0CAA, LQ070Y3DG3B, AM-800480R2TMQW,TCG057VGLBA-G00, TCG057QVLBA-G00, TCG062HVLBC-G20, TCG062HVLDA-G20, TCG070WVLPAANN-AN00, TCG070WVLPAANN-AN50, LCD FG100190DSSWNG01, GT085VW01_V0, ATM035D7-T, ATM0430D12, ATM0430D12-CT, ATM0430D12-T, ATM0430D16, ATM0430D16-T, ATM0430D19, ATM0500D5, ATM0500D5-T, ATM0500D7, TCG070WVLQAPNN-AN00, T043GB03D01, T080UC01D01, FG1001L0DSSWMG01, FG1001L0DSSWNGT1, FX1001P2DSSWMG01, AC057VK04, VGG128004-5TSLWA, VGG128004-5TSLWD, VGG128004-5TSLWE, VGG128004-5TSLWF, VGG128006-0TSLWA, VGG128010-5TSLWA, VGG804823-6UFLWC, VGG128006-0TSLWC, VGG128010-5TSLWB, PH102600T-007-IAA-01, PH128800T-004, PH128800T-002, TX26D25VM2BAA, TM101JDHP01, PH128800T004, TX14D203VM0BAA, TX14D203VM0BPA

Compatible connectors: FH12A-40S-0.5SH, FH12-40S-0.5SH, FA5B040HP1R3000

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