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FFC pitch 0.50 mm

FFC cables with the grid dimension of 0.50 mm are the most favored. This actually smallest grid for FFC cables provides the highest density in extremely small spaces. Only FPC (Flex Printed Circuit) solutions with a grid dimension of 0.30 mm are smaller. There are always different versions of FFCs available from stock.

Available versions:

  • number of wires 4 to 180
  • cross-sections: 0.035 x 0.32 mm or 0.050 x 0.32 mm (standard)
  • contact length 2 to 5 mm (+/- 0.50/1.00)
  • reinforcement length: 5 to 20 mm (+/- 1.00/2.00 )
  • contact strength in mating area 0.30 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)

The first mentioned data in the tolerance specification refers to increased precision due to sorting (please order separately). The last mentioned data refers to the standard without sorting.

Electrical features:

  • max. line resistance: 1.8 Ω/m (0.035) or 1.4 Ω/m (0.050)
  • max. power load: 140 mA (0.035) or 200 mA (0.050)
  • insulation resistance : 100 MΩ with 500 V/min.

The following UL style options are available for this grid:

UL 2896

UL 20696

UL 20624

UL 20861

UL 2643

Application example: for AUO LCD: C080VW02 V0
matching items: FFC0.50A60-0068L-4-4-08-08

This cable supports the following displays: VGG106002-6UFLWA, VGG106002-6UFLWD, VGG124801-0TSLWA, VGG106002-6UFLWF, G080Y1-T01

The suitable FFC cables can also be inquired on our website using our FFC configurator.

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