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LVDS in TTL Transmitter | 20 pin


Small LVDS receiver for converting LVDS to TTL signals. LVDS signals in 18 bit or 24 bit format can be used as input. The output is then conform to the input signals in 18 or 24 bit format. A binary adaptation from 18 to 24 or from 24 to 18 bits is not carried out. The output signal is always 18 bit signal width. Excess bits are not used.

The input signals can be connected to the board via a 20-pin (1.25 mm pitch) connector. The converter chip generates from the LVDS signals a parallel TTL data stream compatible to the formerly common TTL displays.

The advantage of the LVDS technology is the significantly lower susceptibility to interference as well as greater freedom in device design, since the signals can be transmitted over much longer distances (up to 15 m) via LVDS. Special cables may be required for this purpose.

This means that an older display can also be connected from a modern controller with LVDS on board. Please note that this board has no scaling function. The image size must be output natively by the graphics controller. This must be programmed and set in the graphics controller.

Electrical data:

Power consumption:
At Vin = 3.3 V Imax = 120 mA at 25°C
At Vin = 5 V Imax = 150 mA at 25°C + displaycurrent up to max. 650 mA

  • dimension: 67 (l) x 41 (b) x 10 (h) (mm)
  • operating temperature: -20 °C bis 85 °C
  • weight : 15.24 g

We can adapt this assembly for you customer-specific. Please contact us, we will support you with your project.

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