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RS232 adapter | 2/2 channel


The adaptor ADA-RS232-ISO-BP2-12V is based on an integrated isolating DC/DC converter. This adapter is a 2/2 channel RS232 isolator (up to 4kV).

Technical specifications:

  • RS232 transmission over medium distances
  • isolation: min. 4 kV
  • connectors: D-SUB 9 pin male (UNC thread) and IDC 2x5 pin R= 2.54 mm
  • power supply: 12 V DC regulated (7-20V) - 2pol. Molex type R= 1.25 mm
  • signals: RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS, GND
  • dimension: 32 (l) x 38 (b) (in mm)
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C

Product description:

  • small size
  • galvanically isolated connection
  • no setting of transmission parameters required
  • compliance with standards in industrial and medical environments
  • increased interference resistance and more severe interference emissions for a medical environment

Our RS232 adaptor is also available as 5V version under the following purchase order number
ADA-RS232-ISO-BP2-5V. This adaptor has a power supply of 5V DC, the remaining technical features are identical to the 12V version of our adaptor.

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