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FFC bending test - tolerances

In general the extremely flexible FFC cable are divided into different categories. Cables – from the static version (type K) to the highly flexible version with silicone (type E) – are manufactured for various applications.

The flexibility depends on the thickness of the polyester foil and/or the thickness of the conductor material.

For example a FFC cable, 40-pin, pitch 0.50 mm, length 200 mm has been tested as to its flexibility as follows:

  • Bending radius: 5 mm
  • U-shaped bending with distance of 10 mm
  • Cycle distance: 40 mm
  • Conductor thickness: 8x65x0.50x0.035x0.32xP7

Result: the cable is still applicable without any modification after 3.139.800 bending cycles.

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