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DF13 series

This connector in a grid of 1.25 mm is available in numbers of poles from 2 to 15 pins in a single-row version and from 10 to 40 pins in a double-row version.


  • Migdet size: assembly height of 5.8 mm (SMD upright type, the DIP version has an upright height of 5.3 mm and an angled height of 3.6 mm).
  • Multi-pole: the double-row type has a saving of space of 30% compared to the single-row version.
  • Automatic placement: all connectors for the PCB placement are equipped with implements for the pick-and place placement (optionally on rolls or rods).
  • Protection from twisting: all housings are protected against twisted insertion
  • Protection from tearing: all SMD types are deliverable with solder fitting.


  • Note books/portable devices
  • Mobile terminals
  • Mobile business equipment
  • Miniaturization

The following jacks can be processed:

  • double row: DF13-10DS-1.25C, DF13-20DS-1.25C, DF13-30DS-1.25C, DF13-40DS-1.25C
  • single row: DF13-2S-1.25C, DF13-3S-1.25C, DF13-4S-1.25C, DF13-5S-1.25C, DF13-6S-1.25C, DF13-7S-1.25C, DF13-8S-1.25C, DF13-9S-1.25C, DF13-10S-1.25C, DF13-11S-1.25C, DF13-12S-1.25C, DF13-13S-1.25C, DF13-14S-1.25C, DF13-15S-1.25C

Suitable for the following strips:

  • double row: DF13-10DP-1.25V, DF13-20DP-1.25V, DF13-30DP-1.25V, DF13-40DP-1.25V, DF13A-10DP-1.25V, DF13A-20DP-1.25V, DF13A-30DP-1.25V, DF13A-40DP-1.25V
  • single row: DF13-2P-1.25H, DF13-3P-1.25H, DF13-4P-1.25H, DF13-5P-1.25H, DF13-6P-1.25H, DF13-7P-1.25H, DF13-8P-1.25H, DF13-9P-1.25H, DF13-10P-1.25H, DF13-11P-1.25H, DF13-12P-1.25H, DF13-13P-1.25H, DF13-14P-1.25H, DF13-15P-1.25H

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