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FFC Easy-to-Insert – custom-made

FFC cables - easy to insert, space saving, thin and flexible - custom-made.

Available versions: FFC1.25A16-0092L-4-4-08-22FABE = "EASY-to-Insert"

  • 4 mm stripped on both sides
  • l = 100 mm
  • UL20624 (105°C, 60V)
  • Flat-Flex-Cable 0,1 x 0,8 mm
  • Easy-to-Insert Type (on one side)
  • different lengths, grids, colors available

FFC cables are available in various lengths, grids and shielded versions. Please let us have your inquiry by using our FFC Konfigurator.

FFCs are available in the following UL standards:

  • UL2896
  • UL20624
  • UL20696
  • UL20861
  • UL2643

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