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HIROSE DF62 series

The new wire-to-board or wire-to-wire connector SignalBee™ of the DF62 series from HIROSE is designed for all applications where in series-connected plugs are required in small and confined spaces. The connector with matching socket is characterized by its flat profile. When mated, the plug and socket are only 18.6 mm long and less than 10 mm high and wide. The contacts are arranged in a compact 2.2 x 2 mm grid, thus reducing the diagonal diameter by 50 percent. The body was slimmed down by creating smooth outer surfaces. This saves valuable space and allows the plug to be installed in the narrowest of spaces.  

SignalBee™ - a highly reliable connection

With the SignalBee™, incomplete insertion of the contacts is prevented by a clear, tactile feeling and an audible click to confirm that they are correctly locked. In addition, a plug window allows a visual check that the contact is fully engaged and the connection is properly made. This secure locking mechanism prevents bending or deformation that could occur during mating, assembly or transport. The locking strength of the DF62 connector, despite its small size, is a remarkable 50 N.

The DF62 series' two-point contact design provides a highly reliable connection. The structure uses two contact points to ensure a smooth connection, prevent possible damage from shock and vibration and withstand harsher environments. The robust box-shaped crimp contact structure contributes to the stability of the connector.

The DF62 series is particularly versatile

The HIROSE DF62 series is particularly versatile, not only in its application but also in its design. Numerous variations are available so that you can select and assemble the right connector type for your application. They are flexible in terms of cable thickness, cables from AWG22 to AWG30 can be used. The number of pins can be selected, from one to five rows the following contacts are available: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,13, 24. The pin head is available in a straight or right angled version. In addition, the coating of the crimp contacts can be selected, gold plating is possible. In addition, a wide range of connector types are available, including the DF62C with locking protection - preventing accidental pressing and releasing of the locking mechanism during wiring. Also available is the DF62P connector type, which allows PCB mounting and is suitable for panel mounting, and a waterproof IP67 version - DF62W. Here, the crimp receptacle and crimp plug are sealed with a silicone rubber and are waterproof when mated.

Connector types of the DF62 series:

DF62B (regular type) 

DF62C (protected lock type) 

DF62P (panel mounting type)

DF62W (waterproof type) 

We are happy to offer you any customer-specific solution according to your specifications at any time. Maybe you are looking for a ready to use waterproof IP67 cable assembly? You can order the suitable product from us under the following order number: KAB-DF62W-2S-0500LI.

Technical specifications:

  • SignalBee™ plug, pitch: 2.2 mm, white
  • SignalBee™ socket, pitch: 2.2 mm, black, white or red
  • connector dimensions: 18.6 mm length, 10 mm height/width
  • current rating: up to 3 A at max. AWG 22 on 2 contacts
  • contact coating: copper alloy, gold or tin plated, UL 94 V-0
  • mating cycles: 30, 50
  • cable size: AWG22 to AWG30
  • RoHS compliant
  • halogen-free
  • temperature range: -35 °C bis 105 °C

Electrical characteristics:

  • nominal voltage: 250 V AC/DC
  • contact resistance: max. 30 mΩ, measured at max. 20 mV and 100 mA (DC or 1000 Hz)
  • insulation resistance: min. 1,000 MΩ, measured at 500 V DC
  • withstanding voltage: 650 V AC for 1 minute
  • vibration resistance: no electrical discontinuity for more than 1μs, 10 cycles in each of the three axes at a frequency of 10-55 Hz, half amplitude 0.75 mm
  • shock resistance: no electrical discontinuity for more than 1μs, acceleration of 490 m/s2, 11 ms, 3 directions (semi-sinusoidal), 3 cycles each
  • humidity resistance: contact resistance: max. 20 mΩ, insulation resistance: min. 100 MΩ; temperature: 40 ± 2 °C; humidity: 90 to 95%, for 96 hours


  • slim connector – is suitable for applications in small spaces 
  • secure locking of the connector is guaranteed; locking strength is 50 N
  • reliable contact structure – prevents damage from vibration and is suitable for harsher environments
  • robust contact structure – box shape of the crimp contacts prevents deformation
  • numerous variations available
  • DF62 series is compatible with the DF11 and DF59 series from HIROSE

Fields of application: robotics technology, servo amplifier, medical equipment, LED lighting, gaming equipment, automatic ticket counters, household appliances …  

Suitable crimp contacts for DF62 socket: DF62-22SCF, DF62-22SCFA, DF62-2428SCF, DF62-2428SCFA, DF62-30SCF, DF62-30SCFA, DF62-22SC, DF62-22SCA, DF62-2428SC, DF62-2428SCA, DF62-30SC, DF62-30SCA

Suitable crimp contacts for DF62W socket (waterproof version): DF62W-2022SCF, DF62W-2022SCFA, DF62W-2226SCF, DF62W-2226SCFA, DF62W-2022SC, DF62W-2022SCA, DF62W-2226SC, DF62W-2226SCA

Suitable crimp contacts for DF62 connectors: DF62-EP22PCF, DF62-EP22PCFA, DF62-EP2428PCF, DF62-EP2428PCFA, DF62-EP30PCF, DF62-EP30PCFA, DF62-EP22PC, DF62-EP22PCA, DF62-EP2428PC, DF62-EP2428PCA, DF62-EP30PC, DF62-EP30PCA

Suitable crimp contacts for DF62W connectors (waterproof version): DF62W-EP2022PCF, DF62W-EP2022PCFA, DF62W-EP2226PCF, DF62W-EP2226PCFA, DF62W-EP2022PC, DF62W-EP2022PCA, DF62W-EP2226PC, DF62W-EP2226PCA

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