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High flexible robot wire – OKI Serie «ORP»

This heavy duty I/O-ORP-cable is designed for e.g. robot control since it allows a highly flexible connection with a circuit for instance. The micro conductor is a strand with a small diameter to achieve an extremely high flexibility. Thus the cable is suitable for applications with moving parts on robots and other units (suitable for drag chains). This cable can also be applied where torsion force (rotation) occurs.

The outer layer of the cable is made of oil and heat resistant PVC material. It is eco-friendly and also complies with the RoHS directives (limitation of several dangerous substances in electric and electronic devices). For the exact cable characteristics of the ORP cable series, please refer to the attached picture.

Technical specifications:

  • AWG25 - AWG30
  • shielded and unshielded
  • 300 V / 600 V
  • extremely high bending cycles (100 million)
  • extremely resistant to torsion (rotation)
  • oil and heat resistant PVC or Elastomer material
  • UL2464, UL11502, UL2586

The diameter depends on the number of micro conductors and on the shielded or unshielded version.


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