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Hot-Melt FFC cable, highly flexible, shielded.

FFC cable, highly flexible, shielded through Hot-Melt. FFC cables manufactured by using this technology are even more flexible as to their application. Usually aluminium shields are utilized which are agglutinated around the polyester isolation. As to the Hot-Melt-technology the shield is merged with the polyester carrier at temperatures of 150 °C.  This results in an irreversible connection between the shield and the polyester carrier providing the cable with its specific flexibility.

Technical specifications:

  • FFC, stripped on both sides
  • 26 pins, of which 4  pins are connected to the shield on both sides
  • length: 120 mm
  • material thickness: Hot-Melt shielding foil 45 µm
  • possible for all grids
  • length freely selectable
  • tensile strength according to ASTMD882 N/15 mm
  • polyester in black (in white upon request)

Our photo shows as an example our part: FFC0.50A26-0112L-4-4-05-05-AU-HOT-SHIELD-4PINS-BK

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