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International Protection Codes

What is IP protection code?

Probably the best known protection code is the IP protection code. The abbreviation "IP" stands for "International Protection". Electronic products are used in a wide variety of environments under a wide range of conditions.

In many applications, electrical and electronic equipment must function safely and reliably for many years under difficult environmental conditions. Corrosive loads pose a particular challenge in industry. Components are exposed to moisture, water, vapours, acids, alkalis, oils or fuels. In addition, the ingress of foreign bodies, dust and contamination with bacteria and viruses (in medical technology), or mechanical stress due to impact must be prevented for reliable function and safe use.

The IP degrees of protection (International Protection Codes) in the respective categories precisely define the protection of active parts against unwanted ingress of foreign bodies as well as protection against moisture or water.

What classifications exist?

The following numbers (IP codes) provide precise information about the influences against which a product is protected. The combinations are precisely defined in the national and international standards DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470-1) and indicate the type of protection in the different IP classes. The first code number defines the degree of protection of the enclosure against ingress of foreign bodies. The second code number defines the degree of protection of the housing against the penetration of moisture or water.

The definition of the individual numbers or number/letter combinations can be found in the attached file file.

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