Our products IP67

Here we present some proposals for solutions as to connecting cables of the protection class IP67. We can offer the following series: USB, RJ45, DSUB, MINI DIN, IEEE1394, DVI, RF-Koax. Since these products are manufactured exclusively in the Far East some series can only be offered for a minimum purchase of 500 resp. 1000 pieces.

Further categories

IP67 USB components are available in various versions. Type A/Type B are for instance available in a male or female version. Furthermore there is a choice of different assembly types…
IP67 MicroSD
The MicroSD built-in socket is used to extend the MicroSD card slot. The socket is available in many different metal and color variations and FFC-length, it can be customized according…
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is designed for the consumer marked and also for industrial applications.
IP67 RJ45
Also network connections have to be protected. We can offer you different solutions.
IP67 accessories
A complete IP67 solution also comprises dust protection such as dust covers and fixing screw sets.