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LED backlight display cable with Teflon strands


With our LED Backlight Display Cable, you can easily connect a display LED backlight to any connector. The cable is supplied with a 10-pin ACES connector (91209-01011) with 10 wires mounted on both sides, ensuring a quick and easy connection.

This particular cable is particularly suitable for sample and small series production and allows for a 1:1 configuration. With a length of 1000 mm and Teflon wires available in different colours, the cable ensures excellent performance. It is UL 10064 certified and offers an extremely durable construction designed for a temperature range of -80 ℃ to +105 ℃, making it ideal for use in demanding applications.

With this LED Backlight Display Cable, you will receive a reliable and high-quality connection solution that is perfect for use in various applications. 

Technical specifications:

  • Side 1: ACES 91209-01011, 10 pins, pitch = 1.00 mm
  • Side 2: ACES 91209-01011, 10 pins, pitch = 1.00 mm
  • Teflon stranded wire AWG32, coloured
  • Outer diameter: from 0.52 to 0.56 mm
  • UL 10064
  • L = 1000 mm
  • Assignment 1:1
  • Temperature range: -80 ℃ ~ +105 ℃ 

This item is available immediately from stock. Need a different length? We are happy to provide you with additional options. Contact us!

Also, be sure to order the matching pin header: STE-ACES-91208-01001-H01 and the appropriate ES&S adapter: ADA-91209-01011-51021-1000.

This cable is compatible with the following pin headers: 91209-01011, 91208-01001.

The cable is suitable with the following displays: G104X1-L04, G121X1-L03, G104X1-L03, FG100451DSSWNG01, TX31D45VM, AM-1024768GTMQW-T00H, VGG107603-0TMLWD, VGG107603-0TMLWC, and G121XCE-125.

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