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iBridge Ultra connector

iBridge Ultra connector from ERNI are designed for cable-to-board connections - for all applications that require reliable and robust connection systems.

Stability & vibration protection through double locking by means of the retainer

With the help of a TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) function, also called retainer, a double locking of the spring contacts in the housing is achieved. The contact is protected against unintentional pulling and contact movements in the housing are reduced. This secondary locking makes the connector particularly resistant to strong vibrations, as they can occur in the automotive industry. Further applications can be found in industry, telecommunications and medicine. In addition, the box-shaped spring-crimp contacts provide stability for the connector, the design ensures that the pin contact is in a secure position. The double-legged spring contact compensates tolerances in case of mismating. 

Two different positioning pins, round and oval shape, ensure accurate placement on the PCB. Long positioning pins on the straight plug-in version provide increased PCB holding force. Metal soldering clips provide additional hold on the SMT versions and serve as strain relief.  

The iBridge Ultra connector is suitable for a wide range of applications. The compact design and the different versions allow flexible use. Applications at any position between control units and decentralized components like sensors, motors, switches, fans, heating elements, fuses or LEDs are no problem. Different numbers of poles and three different plug versions are available: straight male connectors, angled male connectors and female connectors with 180° cable outlet. 


  • compact connector, 2 mm pitch
  • current rating up to 8 A per contact
  • different pole numbers available: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • suitable for AWG22 and AWG24 
  • temperature range: from -40 °C to +100 °C
  • secondary locking of the crimp contacts in the housing (TPA), retainer
  • polarity reversal protection design
  • double-sided interlocking
  • specifications are tested according to requirements of USCAR-2 and USCAR-21

We are happy to realize cable assemblies according to your ideas. Simply contact us, we will be pleased to support you. You can obtain our ready plugged version under the following order no.: KAB-ERNI-3P-119972-0500LI-AWG22. 

Part No. of the matching iBridge spring-crimp contact: 119945

Article no. of the matching sockets and retainers:

  •   2 poles: 119971 (socket) 119981 (retainer)
  •   3 poles: 119972 (socket) 119982 (retainer)
  •   4 poles: 119973 (socket) 119983 (retainer)
  •   5 poles: 119974 (socket) 119984 (retainer)
  •   6 poles: 119975 (socket) 119985 (retainer)
  •   8 poles: 119976 (socket) 119986 (retainer)
  • 10 poles: 119977 (socket) 119987 (retainer)
  • 12 poles: 119978 (socket) 119988 (retainer)

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