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This wiring harness allows a quick and easy connection between a LED backlight display with an Entery connector of the H112K series and any other connector. We supply an 8-pin flexible wire with assembled socket housing. The second side of the cable is unprocessed. This cable is particularly suited for samples and small series.
Technical specifications:

  • side 1: 8-pin Entery H112K-P08N-01B or H112K-D08N-31B, R = 1.00 mm, lockable
  • side 2: unprocessed
  • strands black
  • AWG28
  • UL1571X
  • l = 500 mm
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 5.6 g

compatible to FCN, WF1300108


  • available ex stock
  • customer specific assembly
  • deliverable in different lengths on short notice

We also offer the assembly of this conductor as well as the complete cable ready-for-connection in small quantities. Please contact us for any information. We would be glad to submit you our offer without any obligation.

This cable fits for the following headers:

  • Entery 3707K-Q08N-01
  • Entery 3707K-S08N-21R
  • WM13-406-083N
  • STM PK24033P8
  • A1009AWRR-08-C1MB-R-H
  • A1009AWV-08-C1MB-R-X

It supports the following connectors:

  • A1009Y-08-A6W-P
  • A1009YR-08-A6W-P

It supports the following displays and devices:
M236HJK-L5B, M215HJK-L3B, M315DJJ-K30

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