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I-PEX CABLINE VS series, cable for high speed LVDS transmission especially for LCD display control.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: connector 20453-030T, pitch = 0.50 mm, on PCB adaptor 26 x 9,7 mm
  • side 2: unprocessed
  • strands AWG28, outer diameter = 0.60 mm,
  • lenghts 500 mm
  • UL 1571
  • weight: 18 g


  • standard cable length 500 mm
  • 30-pin connector, pitch 0.50 mm
  • extremely small design, counter part on PCB with max. installation height of 1.00 mm
  • safe shielding by metal frame
  • mechanical detent towards vibration and shock

This cable can also be supplied as bundled cable with micro coaxial conductors a 30 pin or a 40 pin version. e.g.

This cable can also be supplied as laminated micro coaxial conductor a 30 pin or a 40 pin version. e.g.

Customized solutions are available upon request. Please contact us. We will be pleased to submit you our non-binding offer.

Depending on the plug connector it matches with the following LCD-displays:

Connector: 20453-030E-12 (30-pin):

Series compatible with:
JAE HD1P030MA1, TE 5-2069716-2, STARCONN 111B30-1210TA-G3, Hirose KN38-30S-0.5H, CSTAR LS050-W30B-H10-G

Mating connectors:
STM MSAK24025P30 / PK24025P30, FOXCONN GS13301-1110A-7H, JAE HD1S030HA1, STARCONN 111A30-0000RA-G3, I-PEX-20455-030E, UJU IS050-L30B-C10, STARCONN 300E30-0010RA-G3, ACES 50473030, TM116VDSP02-00

Fits for displays:
HX104X01-212, HV101WX1, FG100180DSSWNG01, B156HW01 V3 , N156BGE-E41, N173HGE-E11, G150XTK01.1, G150XTN03.4, G150XTN03.7, G150XTN03.8, G150XTN06.6, G150XTN06.7, G156HAN02.0, G150XTK02.0, G150XTN06.A, G133HAN02.0, LM238WR2-SPE1, N133HCE-GA1, N116HSE-EBC, NV133FHM-N52, TM116VDSP01-00, G156HAN05.0, TM116VDSP02, LM270WR3, PV156FHM-N20, IPS156A102A, G121ACE-LH2, G185HAN01.4, G101ICE-LH3, G101ICE-LH1, G101EAN02.4, G116HAN01.0, G121ACE-LH1

matching board connectors
usually available from stock: STE-20455-030E-12 (30-pin)
Fits to board: ​C6-AD-T6T2

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