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I-PEX cable with CABLINE®-CA II connector


This new I-PEX cable of the CABLINE®-CA II series is suitable for high speed LVDS applications – especially for LCD display control. The CABLINE®-CA II Series features enhanced 360-degree EMC shielding, supports high data rates and it is ideal for Thunderbolt™ 3 (20 Gbps/Lane).

The use of 360-degree EMI shielding reduces EMC and increases design flexibility. The physical locking cover stops pulling out or decoupling and provides a mechanical lock for a flawless, visually controllable plug-in operation and high plug-in force.

Possible applications: MIPI, HDMI 2.0, PCIe3.0/4.0, Edp HBR2/3, USB3.0/3.1, SAS 3.0, Thunderbolt™ 3

Technical data:

  • side 1: I-PEX 20679-030E-02
  • side 2: I-PEX 20679-030E-02
  • 30 pin plug connector in 0.40 mm pitch, on both sides
  • round cable, AWG40, Micro-Coax, assignment 1:1, black
  • standard cable length is 300 mm
  • weight : 4.5 g


  • very small design, counterpart on printed circuit board with a height of 0.82 mm
  • very safe EMC shielding through EMC protective cover (metal flap)
  • mechanical locking against vibrations and shocks

This I-PEX cable is also available in other lengths and as a flat ribbon cable with different numbers of poles (20, 30, 40 or 50 poles). Of course, we are happy to realize your customer-specific solutions at any time!

You need the I-PEX connector model 20679-030E-02 solo - without cable assembly? Of course this is no problem, we are also happy to supply you with a 20, 30, 40 or 50 pole version on request. The minimum order quantity for the individual connector is 5500 pieces.

For more detailed technical information please have a look at the attached PDFs and this I-PEX manufacturer video, or visit the I-PEX website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to submit you a non-binding offer.


Various I-PEX-types:

20680-020T-01, 20680-030T-01, 20680-040T-01, 20680-050T-02, 3204-0201, 3204-0301, 3204-0401, 3204-0501, 20681-020T-01, 20681-030T-01, 20681-040T-01, 20681-050T-01, 20682-020E-02, 20682-040E-02, 20682-050E-02, 20679-020T-01, 20679-030T-01, 20679-040T-01, 20679-050T-01

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