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IP67 USB 3.1 type C connector


This article is a USB 3.1 cable with a male IP67 USB 3.1 type C connector on one side and a male USB 3.1 type C connector on the other.

The IP67 USB 3.1 type C connector has a screwable union nut with an M12 thread, thus ensuring a secure connection between the socket and your housing. The plug is dust and waterproof and meets the IP67 protection class when used with the appropriate through socket. You can use the USB 3.1 cable accordingly for all installations and applications in industrial environments.

We can offer you the suitable socket STE-IP67-USB-C-F-USB-C-F-PANEL , which you can order separately.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: IP67 USB 3.1, type C, male, with union nut (nickel-plated brass)
  • side 2: USB 3.1, Type C, male
  • round cable: USB 3.1, AWG28, black
  • L = 1000 mm
  • UL2725, (80 °C, 30 V)
  • weight: 36,8 g

We can offer this article with customer-specific cable lengths on request. In addition, the article is available in two other standard lengths, 200 mm and 300 mm.

You can order the articles under the following order number:

KAB-IP67-VM-USB-C-M-USB-C-M-2000RK-M12 -> 200 mm
KAB-IP67-VM-USB-C-M-USB-C-M-0300RK-M12 -> 300 mm

In addition, you can also choose a USB A plug variant on the second side. Further IP67 solutions can be assembled for you at any time. Talk to us about the special requirements of your application or find out more about the general IP protection classes. We will be pleased to submit you an individual offer. You will find further accessories under the category IP67 accessories.

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