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In our micro-coaxial cable assembly KEL connectors of the XSLS series are installed – in a 40-pin version. The XSLS series has a 0.25 mm pitch, which is one of the smallest in the industry. The connector series is designed for AWG42, AWG44 and AWG46 micro-coaxial cable lines.

Ultrafine AWG44 strands for applications in very narrow spaces

Ever smaller and more compact devices require compact solutions for board-side connectors. The XSLS KEL connector with its effective contact length of 0.31 mm and a low profile stack height of 1.44 mm is perfectly suited for applications in the narrowest of spaces. We have used ultra-fine AWG44 single strands in our micro-coaxial cable assembly. The cable assembly with the connectors is maximally flexible and can be passed through narrow areas such as small hinge holes, even after soldering.

We can offer you the XSLS20 KEL connector in three versions with 30, 40 and 52 contacts and in two different stack types, straight and angled. Please contact us, we will manufacture your cable assembly according to your requirements. 

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: XSLS20 KEL plug, 40 pin 
  • side 2: XSLS20 KEL plug, 40 pin
  • micro coaxial cable: single strands AWG44
  • L = 450 mm
  • pitch: 0.25 mm
  • 1:40 assignment
  • connection type: horizontal
  • RoHS konform
  • mating cycles: 30 
  • operating temperature: -40 °C bis +85 °C
  • weight: 3 g

Material and plating:

  • insulation material: glass-filled LCP (UL94V-0), black (XSLS00: cable connectors); inorganic filler LCP (UL94V-0), black (XSLS20: board connectors)
  • contact material: copper alloy
  • contact coating: gold over nickel, nickel insulation layer (plate side)
  • housing material: stainless steel
  • housing plating: gold over nickel, one part tin-copper

Electrical characteristics:

  • current rating: 0.3 A per contact
  • contact resistance: max. 100 mΩ
  • dielectric withstand voltage: 100 V AC for 1 minute
  • insulation resistance: min. 50 MΩ at 100 V DC


  • compact connector with a low profile of 1.44 mm (0.057'') and a mating width of 3.05 mm (0.120'')
  • suitable for the following micro coaxial line thicknesses: AWG42, AWG44, AWG46, outer diameter: max. 0.235 mm (0.009'')
  • suitable for insertion through narrow spaces with a diameter of 2.7 mm (even after soldering)
  • better grounding performance for improved characteristics: data transmission, transmission properties and EMC protection
  • effective coupled length of 0.31 mm (0.012'')
  • the metal housing reduces EMC interference and ensures product strength
  • connector is equipped with a nickel insulation layer on the contacts on the board side to prevent lift-off during soldering

Matching PCB headers:

XSLS00-30-A, XSLS00-30-B, XSLS00-30-C, XSLS00-40-A, XSLS00-40-B, XSLS00-40-C, XSLS00-52-B, XSLS01-30-A, XSLS01-30-B, XSLS01-30-C, XSLS01-40-A, XSLS01-40-B, XSLS01-40-C, XSLS20-30, XSLS20-40, XSLS20-40-A, XSLS20-40-B, XSLS20-52-B

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