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Microcoaxial cable with I-PEX MHF® 4 connector


Here we present our new micro coaxial cable assembly with a female socket and an I-PEX MHF® 4 connector. This cable transmits high frequency signals and is suitable for WLAN and WIFI applications.

Small connector with big power - frequency range up to 6 GHz! 

The I-PEX MHF® 4 connector, with its low-profile design (mating height = max. 1.2 mm), is ideal for use where space is limited and is one of the smallest and most popular connectors in the I-PEX MHF® micro coaxial range. With the help of the solderless micro coaxial connection technology "i-Fit®", a stable connection can be created that can be made and released quickly and easily at any time, while maintaining the same performance.

A suitable alternative to the MHF® 4 connector series is the Murata HSC connector MXHP32, this is fully compatible, however I-PEX MHF® 4 is gold and Murata connector is silver plated.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: 1 x N female connector for installation
  • side 2: 1 x I-PEX MHF® 4 connector, compatible with HSC MXHP32 (Murata)
  • thread length at the N female connector: 15 mm
  • impedance: 50 Ohm
  • micro coax cable: AWG 36, Ø approx. 0.81 mm, black
  • cable attenuation: 4.9 dB at 2.4 GHz per metre
  • smallest bending radius: approx. 3.24 mm
  • cable length incl. connectors: approx. 400 mm

Our micro coaxial cable assembly is available in other lengths and can be customised. We will be happy to supply you with this item on request with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.

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