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This cable set allows you to connect quickly and easily a display with a WELL A-1019G connector to any graphics board connector.

We deliver a 30-pin, flexible round cable. The set includes the appropriate connectors and heat shrink tubing for side 1 and 2. The round cable has crimp contacts mounted on both sides and is supplied unplugged.

You can easily populate the contacts into the corresponding enclosure chambers according to your own wiring diagrams, so you can achieve an optimum function and assignment of the pairs to the signal structures.

This cable set is particularly suitable for prototype construction, samples and very small series.


Technical specifications:

  • side 1: WELL A-1019G compatible to DF19G-30S-1C
  • side 2: WELL A-1019G compatible to DF19G-30S-1C
  • round cable: 30 pol., 10P + 10C x AWG28, black
  • UL21445
  • shielded, halogen-free LSOH
  • twisted pair, tinned copper conductors,
    single cores Ø = 0.60 + -0.05 mm
  • L = 500 mm
  • weight: 28 g



  • sample quantities available from stock
  • individually equipped on both sides
  • other lengths are available on request
  • shielded round cable with twisted pair
  • suitable for LVDS
  • this cable is delivered unplugged on both sides
    with matching sockets


We also offer the assembly of this cable as well as the production of a ready-to-connect cable (single-sided or double-sided according to your cable plans).
Fell free to give us a call, we will make you a non-binding offer.

These following displays will be supported: VGG128004-5TSLWG, VGG128004-5TSLWH, VGG128004-5TSLWI, VGG106002-6UFLWE, LQ084S3DG01, LTM084P363, LTM08C351, LTM08C351S, NL10260BC19-01D, NL160120AC27-22B, NL160120AM27-13A, NL160120BC27-02, NL160120BC27-10, NL160120BC27-14, NL160120BM27-03, NL160120BM27-03A, NL12876AC18-03, AM-1024768TTMQW-00H, G133HAN01.0, VGG804818-6UFLWM, VGG106002-6UFLWH, VGG128004-5TSLWG, VGG128004-5TSLWH, VGG128004-5TSLWI, VGG106002-6UFLWE, NL160120AC27-32, NL192108AC10-01D

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