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High current battery cable assembly with XT60H-M connector


We present our high-current accumulator cable assembly with male AMASS 2-pole XT60H-M contacts – the counterpart to our article KAB-XT60H-F-0190LI-BK. This assembly was specifically designed for model aircraft, drone batteries, and solar panels, and offers high current-carrying capacity.

The rugged plastic construction of the XT60 connector and its gold-plated contacts ensure that current flow is always guaranteed. The housing is standardized, which prevents polarity reversal between plus and minus and is therefore particularly important when using LiPo batteries.

Our cable assembly consists of two AWG12 strands (Ø 3.2 mm²) in black and is stripped and tinned 5 mm on both sides. The length of the assembly is 190 mm (outer) and thus provides sufficient clearance for your application. The back of the assembly is provided with the corresponding solder connections to ensure an easy and secure connection. The contact diameter is designed for 3.5 mm. The rugged construction ensures high durability and longevity.

Technical specifications:

  • Side 1: AMASS 2-pole XT60H-M, male
  • Side 2: 5 mm, stripped and tinned
  • Cable: 2 x AWG12 strands (Ø 3.2 mm²)
  • UL1015, VW-1, 105 °C, 600 V, red
  • L = 190 mm (outer)

Technical specifications of XT60H-F & XT60H-M connector:

  • Manufacturer: AMASS Electronics Co. LTD
  • Connector Series: XT60 | XT60H
  • Housing material: Polyamide
  • Color: Yellow, Anthracite
  • Ø: 3.5 mm
  • Contact material: Brass, gold-plated
  • Contact resistance CR: 0.55 mΩ
  • Operating voltage DC: 500 V
  • Operating current: 30 A
  • Max. short-term current load: 60 A
  • Plug cycles: 1000 cycles
  • Used cable: AWG12
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 120 °C

Fire protection class: UL94-V0

Do you need a custom solution? No problem! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you!

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