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Military | Offshore cable assemblies

Cable assemblies for ship & offshore applications

Our cable assemblies are suitable for operation under harsh environmental conditions. They are designed for high mechanical loads. The cables have a very robust construction. Our special cables are resistant to oil, sludge and chemicals, they are wear-, uv- and ozone resistant and resistant to widely varying temperatures. They have flame retardant or fireproof characteristics with low smoke emission and no halogen emission.

Applications include wind turbines, offshore cranes, deck machinery, work platforms, elevators, hoisting and material handling equipment on ships and other offshore installations.

Application areas:

  • sea and transition seismics
  • sounding and sonar systems
  • hydroacoustics/hydrophones
  • trailing antennas
  • sensor technology
  • camera technology
  • navigation technology
  • surface and underwater vehicles (ROV)

Cable assemblies for military technology

We are aware that the military, aerospace and security industries place the highest demands on the procurement of electronic solutions. With ES&S you have a competent supplier of cable assemblies for this special branch of industry at hand. We develop solutions for demanding applications in harsh environments. We pay the highest attention to the quality and reliability of our products and manufacture customized cable assemblies, specially adapted and aligned to special requirements.


  • colours adapted to the area of application, e.g. black, olive
  • available in matt and reflection-reduced design
  • flexible, light and robust
  • flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables with low smoke emission
  • no halogen emission
  • environmentally and media resistant
  • also available in very small diameters

Application areas:

  • communication technology
  • data technology
  • ground, water and air vehicles
  • radar systems
  • satellite technology
  • monitoring and safety technology

We work closely with our long-term partners, so we can offer our customers even more services. We can manufacture fully overmoulded products, connectors, display cables, assembled printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies and potting or encapsulation. Our display cable assemblies are suitable for a wide range of applications. We manufacture electronic solutions to the highest quality standards - standards to which we operate worldwide.

According to the following MIL certifications, we can process cable assemblies with wires: MIL-W-81044, MIL-C27500, MIL22759, MIL-W16878E, MIL-W76, MIL-DTL-16878, MIL22759

We are happy to support you in the development and construction of individual cable assemblies for offshore applications and military technology! We would be happy to advise you, just contact us! 

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