Our products Data cable

The cables presented here are standardized cables produced according to your requirements and technical standards. Smaller series are produced in Germany, large series – from 250 or 500 pieces, depending on the cable type – are manufactured in the Far East. You can rely on our top quality management in that case.

Further categories

HDMI / DisplayPort
Custom-HDMI adapter as standard solutions in different designs. We manufacture to your specifications and special specifications HDMI adapter associated with the corresponding cable connectors.
In this section you will find SATA data cables in various designs. Our strength is custom SATA data and power cables. We can produce many variants for you:   -…
We manufacture and distribute customized and standardized LAN data cables which are available in different designs, whether patch cables with Cat5 or Cat6 or halogen-free and UL-certified data cables. We are…
USB cables can be manufactured in different versions as e.g. type A + B or male and female models. Special designs as e.g. USB flange cables for panel mounting are…