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PCB Quality Guidelines

We only work with suppliers whose production corresponds to the worldwide accredited IPC guidelines for circuit board production. These are as follows:

  • IPC-2222 for rigid circuit boards
  • IPC-2223 for flexible circuit boards
  • IPC-A-600 general requirements for circuit boards
  • IPC-SM-840 visual requirements
  • IPC-TM-650 adhesive strength soldering mask paint
  • IPC 4101 specification for the base material thickness
  • IPC-7721 repairs and subsequent work
  • IPC-2221 degree of complexity
    The degree of complexity describes the stage of producibility for circuit boards. The selected degree of complexity is attributed to the specific components of the conductive pattern – depending on the requirements.
  • Stage A: general design complexity (preferred)
  • Stage B: medium design complexity (Standard)
  • Stage C: high design complexity (limited producibility)
    Please note: details of the valid product class as well as requirements of complexity have to be indicated on the drawing. For drawings and orders without indications ES&S always applies to IPC-A-600, class 2, degree of complexity B.

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