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This connector, with a pitch of 1.25 mm, is available in a number of poles from 2 to 15 poles in one row and 10 to 40 poles in two rows.
The connector here listed in a latched version is identical to the Hirose DF13 connector series.

The matching pin header is also available under the following order number: STE-STM-MDSK2403P20.


  • small size: mounting height of 10 mm.high-poled: the double-row variant offers up to 30% space savings compared to the single-row variant.
  • automatic assembly: all connectors for PCB assembly are equipped with tools for pick-and-place assembly (optional on reel or in tubes).
  • anti-twist protection: so all housings are protected against a twisted insertion.
  • tear protection: all SMD variants can be ordered with solder holders.

Application areas:

  • notebook/portable devices
  • mobile terminals
  • mobile business equipment
  • miniaturization

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