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Turned crimp contacts

From now on we manufacture your crimped cable assembly in even higher quality! - With our new crimping machines CM 25-3 we can process turned crimp contacts for your high-quality cable solution! 

Are you looking for a reliable and qualitatively flawless solution for your special cable? 

Due to their high-precision, round contact parts, turned crimp contacts are considered the highest-quality connectors. They are used wherever contact quality requirements are very high in confined spaces and stamped contacts cannot be used. Thus, turned contacts are ideally suited for the medical field, military and aerospace, they are used in industry for control and signal cables, measurement technology as well as in electronics manufacturing for various D-Sub applications.

For the same cross-section and current, a connector with a turned crimp contact heats up less than a connector with stamped contacts. At the same time, the voltage drop between conductor and contact is extremely low. In addition, a connector with turned crimp contacts achieves a higher vibration resistance due to the precise processing.

The application areas of turned crimp contacts are manifold!

They are found in control cables and multi-pole plug connections, from computer interface connections to flexible production lines in the automotive industry. Classic, turned contacts are found in mains plugs through which, for example, toasters or coffee machines draw their power.


  • Consistent, high quality crimp, which guarantees a constant contact resistance
  • Less heating, with very low voltage drop between conductor and contact
  • Due to the precise processing, the crimp contact achieves a higher vibration resistance
  • High corrosion resistance due to cold welding
  • Different conductor cross-sections can be processed with only one contact type

Do you have questions about this complex topic? Get in touch with us! We will be happy to advise you and find the right solution for you!


We can process the following connectors and crimp contacts for you on our machines:

Conec: 131A10019X, 131C10049X, 131C10129X, 131CC11029X, 131C15019X, 132C10029X, 132C10049X, 132C11029X, 132C11039X, 132C15019X, 132C16029X, 161B18009X, 161C18009X, 161C18299X, 162A18709X, 162C18419X

Harwin: G125 0010005, G125 0500005, G125 1010005, G125 1500005

M20 1160042, M22 3040042, M225 2540046, M300 0010045, M80 0110005, M80 0130005, M80 2540045

Nicomatic: 18240, 18224, 30-3310, 12969, C19685, C19686, E221G30E01, E221G20E01, E222G30E50, E222G20E50, EMM, DMM

AMP: 0-0205090-1, 166292-1

FCT: FK20P-13V-5000, FK20-P-13V-1000, FK20P-13V-5783, FK20-P26-13V-100, FK20-PL-02V-0100, FK20-PL26-02V-0100, FK20PL-26-02V-0100, FK20-PL26-28-08VO-0100, FK20S-08V-500, FK20S-13V-100, FK20S-13V-5000, FK20S-13V-0100, FK20S-13V-5783, FK20S18-02V-100, FK20S18-13V-100, FK20-S26-13V-100, FK20SL-13V-5783, FK20-SL26-02V-0100, FK22-PL-02V-0100, FK22PL-13V-0100, FK22-PL-13VO-0100, FK22-SL-02V-0100, FK22-SL-13VO-0100

Deltron: DE004942, DE012046

Harting: 09670005476, 09670005576, 09670008576, 09691827821, 09692825821

Hummel: 7.010.901.002, 7.010.901.012, 7.010.980.602, 7.010.980.641

Coninvers: RC-12P2000, RC-1KP2000, RC-5AS2000

Provertha: C52000G1

Itt Cannon: 980-8681-150

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