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Slimline CDROM drive


Adapter for SlimLine CDROM drives with S-ATA standard.

With this adapter you can connect CDROM-drives with their special 7P+6P connectors to a motherboard with standard S-ATA jack. Power supply is effected by a standard 3.5 inch power connector.

Technical specifications:

  • suitable for SlimLine CDROM drives with 7P + 6P S-ATA connector
  • can be attached to the drive directly
  • suitable for connection via standard S-ATA cable and 4-pin power cable p = 2.54 mm
  • dimension: 68.7 (l) x 12.3 (w) x 23.5 (h) (in mm)
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 5.8 g

Purchased parts package: adapter, 2 x plastic spacers, 2 x screws

A small range of compatible Slimline drives (without engagement, errors excepted):

Panasonic: UJ-235
Pioneer: DVR-TS08
Samsung: SN-S083N, SN-S083C, SN-S083B, SN-S083M, SN-S083L, SN-S083A, SN-T083A
Sony: AD-7670S, AD-7590S, BC-5500S, BC-5600S

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