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CompactFlash Extender with FPC 430 mm


This adapter set is designed to extend CompactFlash (CF) sockets. Simply plug in the CF card into your socket and mount the new socket within the device where needed. This is the solution to change the place of your CompactFlash (CF).

This adapter allows an easy service. Updates and Flash operations can be carried out without removing the mainboard even if the CompactFlash socket is mounted on the soldering side of a board.

The difference between our standard adapters e.g. ADA-COMPACTFLASH-EXTENDER-0430FFCand this adapter set is that no conventional FFC (Flexible Foil Cable) is used. In this case a Flexible Printed Circuit FPC is applied. The FPC is two-ply and shows a higher ruggedness towards electro-magnetic compatibility.

Technical specifications:

  • dimension: 430 (l) x 59.4 (w) x 5.4 (h) (in mm)
  • operating temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C
  • weight: 61.9 g

Further equipment:

The FFC cable extension may cause data transmission disturbances. We therefore recommend the use of CompactFlash cards with a data transfer rate of 16.6 MB/s (PIO 4, DMA 2 or ATA-2 mode). The following CompactFlash cards have been tested by us: Transcend CompactFlash 133 x 2 GB & SanDisk CompactFlash 4.0 GB. We do not take any responsibility for interferences in transmission.

CAUTION: A minimum radius of 5 mm must be observed. NO FOLDING of the FPC! Folding causes an irreparable breakage of the inner conductor!

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