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Impendance Matched FFC cables

Impedance matched high speed FFC cables for optimal transmission characteristics!

The demand for high-performance flat ribbon cables suitable for high-speed data transmissions and LVDS technology - without any loss of signal quality - is constantly increasing. With increasing, higher serial data speeds, maintaining signal integrity and quality becomes more difficult or impossible. This is where controlled impedance foil cables are the right choice! Controlled impedance FFC cables are coated on one side with a shielding foil, this foil consists of an aluminium and PET laminated tape. Inductive and capacitive properties of the cable are thus adjusted to the required differential impedance, predominantly 100 Ohm.

For EMC optimization, impedance-controlled FFCs are only suitable to a limited extent, because no shield connection can be made here. A shielded FFC solution should be selected here. Information about our shielded foil cables can be found here.

We can offer you foil cables with controlled impedance in 1.00 and 0.50 mm pitches. Our minimum order quantity is 250 pcs. Different lengths and other customer-specific features can of course be made available to you at any time.


  • The use of expensive shielding material can be minimized.
  • Competitive FFC costs with simultaneous improvement or maintenance of the existing EMI & ESD performance.
  • Highly customizable to meet various impedance design specifications.
  • Compliant with various standards for high-speed serial data links.
  • Feel free to have a look at our impedance controlled FFC article!

Feel free to have a look at our impedance matched FFC article!

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