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HIROSE FH63 Series

The new FH63 series from HIROSE enables safe and automated mating of various foil cable technologies. The connector series supports FPC, FFC and shielded FFC cables.

Reduce the risk and increase the cycle time of your production line with the FH63 series through an automatic, self-locking and single-acting interlock!

It is not necessary to operate the locking lever when plugging in the FPC/FFC, the foil cables can be plugged in with one hand. Notches on both sides of the FPC are held by the locking lever, creating a high FPC holding force despite the small contact. The additional process of operating a lever for locking is eliminated, insertion errors are reduced, the circuit is automatically locked, assembly time is reduced and thus the cycle time of your production line is improved.

The two-point contact design of the FH68 connector additionally increases contact reliability. Each contact has a spring function, contact faults are thus avoided. 


Technical specifications:

  • connector: HIROSE FH68, 30 pole
  • pitch: 0.5 mm
  • connector dimensions: height: 2.8 mm, width: 21.94 mm, depth: 5.15 mm
  • FPC/FFC thickness: 0.33 ± 0.03mm
  • contact plating: copper alloy, nickel barrier gold plated or pure tin reflow coating
  • mounting: SMD/SMT
  • mounting angle: horizontal
  • RoHS compliant
  • halogen-free
  • temperature range: -55 ℃ to +105 ℃


  • automatic single action locking design
  • high contact reliability by independent spring two-point contact design, preventing contact failure by dust
  • low insertion and high FPC retention force in spite of the small contact
  • FH63 supports FPCs, FFCs, and shielded, impedance-controlled FFCs
  • shielded FFC is acceptable for EMI prevention
  • environmentally friendly

Electrical characteristics:

  • rated voltage: 50 V AC/DC rms per contact
  • rated current: 0.5 A per contact
  • contact resistance: max. 100 mΩ, measured at 1 mA AC
  • withstanding voltage: min. 150 V AC rms/1 minute
  • insulation resistance: min. 500 MΩ, measured at 100 V DC

You can find further product specifications for the HIROSE FH63 connector series in the PDFs provided.

We supply the matching foil cable for the FH68 series!

You can order the matching FFC cable from us under the following article no.: FFC0.50A30-0290L-5-5-06-06-AU-SC-FH63. The 30-pole, same-sided stripped cable is 300 mm long, UL-certified with side-catchers, hot-melt shielding foil and gold-plating. 

Technical specifications of the FFC cable:

  • pitch 0.50 mm, 30 poles, stripped on both sides
  • total length L = 300 mm
  • UL 2896 (80 °C, 30 V)
  • conductor 0.05 x 0.32 mm
  • gold-plated and hot melt shielded

You need a different length? No problem! On request, this FFC cable can be customised in all lengths. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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