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IRISO connector „I-Lock

The connector manufacturer IRISO has developed an innovative "I-Lock" FPC/FFC connector. The "I-Lock" locking system prevents the disconnection and misalignment of FPC/FFC cables.

How it works

The FPC/FFC cable is plugged into the connector. Tentative Latching Terminal (TLT) is a set of terminals that hold the cable in position prior to the locking operation. The TLT at both sides are slotted into the two cut-out windows of the cable. A tactile and acoustic feedback indicates that the FPC/FFC cable is fully inserted and securely mated and locked.

We are happy to offer you the matching cables for this particular connector. You can order the FFC cables from us under the following order no., with or without shielding:

FFC0.50A50-0146L-2-2-14-14SC-IRISO - with shielding

FFC0.50A50-0146L-2-2-14-14SC-IRISO-NOSHIELD - without shielding


We can procure the following connectors for you: 

IRISO connectors from the series: IMSA-11501S

  • IMSA-11501S-20B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-25B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-30B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-32B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-35B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-40B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-45B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-50B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-55B-GFN1
  • IMSA-11501S-60B-GFN1


IRISO connectors of the series: IMSA-11600S

  • IMSA-11600S-20A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-25A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-30A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-35A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-40A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-45A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-50A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-55A-GFN4
  • IMSA-11600S-60A-GFN4

Perhaps you are looking for a ready-connected foil cable assembly? We supply the matching foil cable for the IRISIO connector series! We can offer you customised solutions at any time. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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