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Coaxial cable with I-PEX MHF® 4 and SMA connector


GGOur coaxial cable, with an I-PEX MHF® 4 connector at one end and a gold-plated SMA connector at the other, is a high-performance cable specially designed for use in wireless communication systems, such as WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth or radio telephones.

Thanks to its low-profile design, the cable has a maximum mating height of 1.2 mm and is therefore ideal for use in limited spaces. Despite its small form factor, the cable offers impressive performance of up to 6 GHz. Solder-free micro-coax connection technology “i-Fit®” ensures that the performance is consistent and connection problems are avoided.

The I-PEX MHF® 4 connector provides a reliable connection, it is very compact and lightweight and has four contact points that ensure a reliable connection. The connector is made of robust material and can withstand high loads, making it suitable for use in harsh conditions. Its compact design and high performance make the MHF® 4 I-PEX connector an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

Excellent electrical conductivity for outstanding signal transmission

The gold-plated SMA connector ensures excellent electrical conductivity for outstanding signal transmission. Gold plating makes the cable particularly resistant to wear and corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan and reliability in harsh environments. The cable's impedance is 50 ohms, ensuring optimal signal transmission and making it perfect for applications that require high transmission rates and frequencies, such as wireless communication, radar technology or measurement and control technology.

The coaxial cable itself is made of high-quality material and has shielding that effectively blocks electromagnetic interference. This makes the cable an excellent choice for use in environments with high electromagnetic interference. The outer diameter is 0.81 mm (AWG 36), making it very flexible and easy to install without sacrificing performance. This cable is also suitable for use in a wide frequency range of up to 6 GHz.

Overall, our coaxial cable is an excellent choice for applications where space-saving and high performance are required. It offers a solderless micro-coax connection design and a reliable MHF® 4 connector, as well as compact dimensions and wide frequency coverage. It is a perfect fit for applications that require a robust and high performance cable.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: I-PEX MHF® 4
  • side 2: SMA male, gold-plated
  • cable: Micro-coaxial cable, AWG 36, Ø = approx. 0.81 mm
  • L= 300 mm, grey 
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • halogen-free

Electrical properties of the I-PEX connector:

  • voltage: 60 V AC per contact
  • characteristic impedance: 50 mΩ
  • contact resistance: max. 20 mΩ
  • dielectric withstand voltage: min. 200 V AC
  • insulation resistance: min. 500 MΩ

Coaxial cables are utilized in a diverse range of applications, some of which include:

  • transmission of television and radio signals
  • transmission of data between computers and other devices, or enabling internet access, in WLAN and LAN networks
  • ensuring the transmission of image and sound in video surveillance systems
  • signal transmission in measuring and test equipment, such as oscilloscopes and signal generators
  • radar systems and communication equipment in military applications
  • image transmission in medical technology, including imaging methods like CT or X-ray devices
  • transmission of signals between measuring instruments and computers in laboratory and scientific experiments

Article designations of the I-PEX MHF® 4 components:

  • MHF® 4 plug: 20611-001R
  • MHF® 4 receptacle: 20449-001E-03
  • MHF® 4 plug Ø 0,81 mm (gold-plated): 20448-001R-081
  • MHF® 4 receptacle (2.500 pcs/reel): 20449-001E-07
  • MHF® 4L receptacle: 20579-001E
  • MHF® 4L receptacle (20.000 pcs/reel): 20579-001E-01

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