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USB data cable Molex connector


The cable we present is a high quality and versatile product that allows you to easily connect your devices. With a USB A connector on one end and a Molex connector on the other, it ensures a fast and reliable connection for a wide range of applications. Among other applications, our cable is suitable for use in a wide variety of displays, such as touch displays for ATMs.

The USB A connector on side 1 is a standard connector for USB devices, providing a quick and easy connection. The Molex connector on side 2 is a 51127-2005 connector. Unfortunately the connector has been discontinued, however we can still offer this cable, we use an equivalent compatible connector for this.

Technical Specifications:

  • Side 1: USB A male
  • Side 2: Molex 51127-2005, or compatible
  • USB cable: AWG28, L = 348 mm (inside)

The cable itself is made of high-quality materials and has an AWG28 cross section. It has a length of 348 mm, which makes it ideal for use in tight spaces or for connecting devices at close range.

Overall, this cable is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and high-quality connection. It is durable, easy to use, and provides fast data transfer suitable for a variety of applications.

Model numbers: NCR-6622, NCR-6623, NCR-6625, NCR-6626, NCR-6627, NCR-6628, NCR-6631, NCR-6632, NCR-6634, NCR-6683, NCR-6687, NCR-6682, NCR-6684

Part Number: 009-0025917

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