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USB C ... the next USB Evolution! USB C is the new universal standard of the future. It is already supported by many manufacturers of notebooks, digital cameras, hard drives, smartphones and many other peripheral devices.

Here is an overview of the maximum data transfer rates of the different USB ports:

  • Low Speed: USB 1.0 -> 1,5 Mbps
  • Full Speed USB 1.1 -> 12 Mbps
  • Hi-Speed: USB 2.0 -> 480 Mbps

Micro USB Type B is currently the standard for the charging and data socket of most smartphones. With this cable you can charge your smartphone or micro Type B enabled device much faster and transfer photos, music and data faster and more securely.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: USB 3.1 Type C, male
  • side 2: USB 2.0 micro Type B, female
  • USB cable: UL2725, AWG30/AWG32/AWG24, black
  • OD = 3.0 mm, L = 150 mm
  • MOQ = 500 pcs.
  • weight: 7.1 g


  • significantly faster and safer connection speed
  • compatible with Thunderbolt™ 3
  • can be plugged in on both sides and is thus more variable in application

Do you have customer-specific requirements? No problem. We would be pleased to manufacture this article according to your ideas.

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