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OKI launches ultra-fine diameter robot cable – ORP-30F & OFV-30F

OKI Electric Cable developed two new ultra-fine diameter robot cables ORP-30F and OFV-30F. The cables are suitable for wiring in confined spaces inside industrial robots and machine tools.

Cables with excellent durability for cabling in confined spaces

ORP-30F cables are designed for use in moving parts of industrial robots and machine tools. It contains a special elastomeric insulation material developed by OKI Electric Cable to provide both toughness and sliding characteristics, realizing the high durability required of movable wire to accommodate machine movements, including bending, sliding and twisting.

OFV-30F cables are designed for use with fixed machine components and are made of cross-linked PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which provides heat resistance. Both cables use newly developed manufacturing technologies to shape the thin-walled insulation material and optimise the cable structure.

The ORP-30F cable is available with a minimum outer diameter of 2.1 mm and the OFV-30F cable with a minimum outer diameter of 2.7 mm. Both cables have a diameter up to 32 % smaller than existing products and are suitable for devices with a rated voltage of up to 30 V. In addition, the improved oil resistance of the PVC sheathing allows it to be used in harsh environments, including those where the cables are exposed to cutting fluid, a substance that normally attacks the outer sheath.


  • ultra thin robot cable
  • Up to 32% smaller diameter compared to existing OKI ORP-SLIM series products.
  • Excellent resistance to movement thanks to a special elastomer insulation material.
  • drag chain and robot compatible
  • Oil and heat resistant PVC jacket for use in harsh operating environments.
  • resistant to lubricants and cooling liquids
  • Excellent product range (224 different types in total). 
  • conductor size: AWG34 to AWG22, 2 to 10 pairs
  • UL21103 | 30 V to 105 °C
  • Multicore and twisted pair types and shielded/unshielded versions available. 

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