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Micro Coaxial Connector XSLS by KEL | 52 pins | 0.25 mm pitch


Discover the innovative XSLS 52-pin connector by KEL for your micro coaxial applications. With its SMT mounting and a pitch of 0.25 mm, this connector provides the perfect solution for your demanding electronic requirements.

The ideal choice for your micro coaxial applications

This compact connector impresses with a low profile of only 1.44 mm (0.057'') and a mating width of 3.05 mm (0.120''). This allows for space-saving integration into your designs without compromising on performance. It supports micro coaxial cables of sizes #44 AWG and #46 AWG, ensuring reliable signal transmission. For an extremely stable and reliable connection, the signal terminals are soldered in one shot using pulse heat.

With its robust metal housing, this connector offers excellent noise suppression and product strength. Additionally, it features multiple grounding terminals that provide improved transmission characteristics and EMI protection.

Easy installation with the flexible and reliable KEL connector

The KEL connector is distinguished by its highly reliable design, with an effective mating length of 0.31 mm (0.012''). The board contacts on the bottom of the connector have a nickel barrier, preventing solder rise and ensuring a reliable connection. Furthermore, the lower part of the connector is covered with resin, allowing circuits to be printed beneath the connector. Another outstanding feature of our connector is its flexibility. Even after soldering, the connector allows for through-hole insertion into narrow pipes with a diameter of ø 2.7 mm (ø 0.106''). This characteristic provides you with additional freedom during installation. Specifically designed removal tools for the housing are available for added flexibility and convenience. These accessories make handling and installation even easier and more efficient.

Our 52-pin connector is supplied in convenient tape & reel packaging, with each reel containing 500 pieces for efficient integration into your manufacturing processes.

Discover the performance and reliability of the KEL connector. Rely on its compact size, stable connection, noise suppression, and flexibility to meet your connectivity requirements. Contact us now to learn more about our high-quality products and custom solutions!

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