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THT and SMD Bridge Jumpers

Versatile connection solutions with our THT and SMD bridge jumpers

Are you in search of reliable and automated solutions for assembling your electronic circuits? Our THT (Through-Hole Technology) and SMD (Surface Mount Device) Bridge Jumpers are the perfect choice. Designed to create seamless connections, these highly functional components come on reels and are compatible with common pick-and-place machines, making assembly a breeze.

Our Bridge Jumpers offer numerous benefits and applications. They excel in flexibility, allowing for the 3D formation of electronic assemblies. Mounting and future servicing can be easily performed without any damage using our connectors. The Jumpers are available in various pin counts, and roll sizes vary based on their dimensions.

The Bridge Jumpers enable versatile projects and can accommodate a wide range of deformations. They not only bridge the gap between two PCBs but also allow for various angular orientations. Examples include twisted deformations. Our Jumpers provide space-saving solutions while ensuring operational reliability.

Optimal signal transmission

To achieve optimal signal transmission between PCBs, the characteristic impedance of the transmission lines is crucial. Signal transmission beyond 2 GHz is possible. Especially in high-frequency applications, working with measured and adjusted characteristic impedances is essential to avoid impedance mismatches and signal transmission issues.

One of the standout features of our Jumpers is their automated assembly capability. We supply these components on reels compatible with any pick-and-place machine. This streamlines the manufacturing process and enables efficient and cost-effective production. Our Jumpers can be directly mounted onto the PCB and reflow soldered, just like any other SMD component. The standard connectors are coated with pure tin, and upon request, we also offer a lead-tin surface. Furthermore, other surface finishes like gold or silver are available as options.

In terms of dimensions, we offer a wide range of Jumpers in various widths. They are robustly covered with a protective polyimide film and can easily withstand the reflow soldering process. Trust our high-quality Bridge Jumpers to ensure reliable and optimal connections between your PCBs.

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Advantages of Bridge Jumpers:

  • Reliable and seamless connections
  • Excellent flexibility, enabling 3D formation of electronic assemblies
  • Various pin counts and pin pitches for flexible customization
  • Versatile applications: Bridge Jumpers can handle a variety of deformations and allow PCBs to be positioned at different angles, including twisted deformations.
  • Space-saving and operational reliability: Jumpers provide space-saving solutions while ensuring reliable operation of electronic circuits.
  • Adaptation to characteristic impedance: Jumpers can be dimensioned according to requirements to ensure optimal signal transmission between PCBs, especially in high-frequency applications.
  • Automated assembly capability: Jumpers can be supplied on reels and used with pick-and-place machines, optimizing the manufacturing process for efficient and cost-effective production.
  • Effortless assembly and maintenance: The entire process is simplified.
  • Compatibility with common pick-and-place machines
  • Wide selection of sizes and surface finishes: A variety of Jumpers are available in different widths and dimensions.

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