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Flexible/rigid-flexible printed circuit boards

Flexible or rigid-flex printed circuit boards are used more frequently and represent a clever alternative to fixed printed circuit boards. Thanks to the numerous advantages (cost, space and weight savings) the use of flexible printed circuit boards opens up completely new possibilities for engineers.

Flexible printed circuit boards are manufactured on the basis of polyimide films. This makes them smaller, lighter and more space-saving to install. Flexible printed circuit boards can be used in cameras, video cameras or smartphones – for example by folding them into extremely tight structures. Polyimide film printed circuit boards are also frequently used for flexible connections subject to permanent stress for example in inkjet printers.

With rigid-flex printed circuit boards, flexible and rigid layers are combined during pressing. Here there are polyimide films on or between FR4 layers which, after depth milling, result in areas of varying thickness and flexibility. This saves connectors, cables and other connecting elements.

We can offer you rigid-flex printed circuit boards from 1 up to 16 layers.

Our standard surface finish is chemically gold. Depending on the requirements, the contours are machined by laser cutting or mechanical milling.

We also offer our circuit board assembly in small series. In addition, you can also take advantage of our fast prototype assembly. Do you still have technical questions about flexible printed circuit boards? You would like to have your flexible or rigid-flexible printed circuit board assembled? No problem - this is possible at any time! We will work out the optimal solution together with you – feel free to contact us!

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