Our products Hard disk and storage disk adapter

Hard disk and storage disk adapters for nearly every application. We have developed some adapters designed for industrial applications to meet the high requirements in this sector and to provide standardized and approved interfaces. Adapter solutions for 1.8” to 2.5”, CompactFlash, SD/MMC as well as SSD belong to this category.

Further categories

Compact Flash adapter for IDE and SATA interfaces. This adapter is designed to connect COMPACTFLASH cards with an ATA IDE40/IDE44 port as well as a S-ATA/SATA interface. It has been optimized for a maximum data transfer (depending on the applied CF module). Various models with short or long CF sockets are available.
Connection adapter for µSD, SD and MMC memory cards to e.g. the IDE BUS. IDE port adapter 40- and 44-pin for memory cards (µSD, SD, MS, MMC, xD).