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3D Flex Printed Circuit Board (FPC)

As electronic devices become smaller and components have to be packed more densely to allow wiring  in limited spaces FPCs have become more and more popular. They offer comfortable and customer specific solutions. FPCs are more flexible than conventional cables, they are easy to bend and thus can be installed in tight space conditions.
Nowadays electronic manufacturers  require FPCs with a three-dimensional performance which allows high flexibility and low mechanical resistance in tight space conditions without any contact to other components in the devices. Three-dimensional FPC cables (3D-FPC) can be manufactured in various designs: waves, spirals or curves – no matter which angle is required.

By forming a wave pattern or by creating various levels the FPC works as a bridge over other components without contacting them or  can weave between circuits in different levels. In a spiral wiring  (Origami FPC) the FPC can be moved through 360 degrees to achieve the desired path and thus offering possibilities for new applications. In addition – by creating curves – the FPC can create new sensor module configurations.

Since the same design rules as for conventional FPCs can be applied to the 3 D FPC, users are allowed to design circuits without any restrictions.

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