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Cable assembly with iBridge Ultra connectors from ERNI


Our cable assembly with ERNI's iBridge Ultra connector is designed for cable-to-board connections - for all applications that require reliable and robust connection systems. Here we offer the iBridge Ultra connector in a three-pole version with a 2.0 mm pitch. On the second side, the AWG22 strands are unassembled.

Stability & vibration protection through double locking with retainer

You get a highly reliable connection using the iBridge Ultra connector. It has a TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) function, also called retainer. With the help of this double locking of the spring contacts in the housing, the contact is protected against unintentional withdrawal and contact movements in the housing are reduced. This makes the connector particularly resistant to strong vibrations. The box-shaped spring crimp contacts also provide stability, the design ensures that the pin contact is in a secure position. You can order the iBridge retainer at any time.

Applications for the iBridge Ultra connector are wide ranging: whether in the automotive sector, industry, telecommunications or medicine. The iBridge Ultra can be used anywhere between control units and decentralized components such as sensors, motors, switches, fans, heating elements, fuses or LEDs.

Technical specifications:

  • side 1: 3 pole female connector 119972 iBridge Ultra from ERNI
  • side 2: unassembled, cut straight
  • pitch 2.0 mm
  • cable: 3x stranded wire AWG22, UL 1061, white
  • L = 500 mm
  • mating cycles: 20
  • connector temperature range: -40 °C to +80 °C

Other lengths, pole numbers and connector variants are of course always available from us. We realize customized cable assemblies according to your ideas. Get in touch with us! Do you need more information about the iBridge Ultra connector family from ERNI? Click here: iBridge Ultra connectors.

Part No. of the matching iBridge spring-crimp contact: 119945

Article no. of the matching sockets and retainer:

  •    2 poles: 119971 (socket) 119981 (retainer)
  •    3 poles: 119972 (socket) 119982 (retainer)
  •    4 poles: 119973 (socket) 119983 (retainer)
  •    5 poles: 119974 (socket) 119984 (retainer)
  •    6 poles: 119975 (socket) 119985 (retainer)
  •    8 poles: 119976 (socket) 119986 (retainer)
  • 10 poles: 119977 (socket) 119987 (retainer)
  • 12 poles: 119978 (socket) 119988 (retainer)

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