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Lockable IP67 variant | USB 2.0 Typ A

Looking for a lockable IP67 variant?

Our latest solution in the IP67 standard offers a wide range of functions.

It is a female IP67 USB 2.0 type A socket that is connected to a male USB 2.0 type A plug. But what makes it special? The IP67 socket is lockable! Once the locking cylinder has been removed with the key, the socket is ready for use. After use, it can simply be locked again, effectively protecting it from possible misuse or vandalism.

The high-quality stainless steel socket has a screw-on cap and a rubber seal, which makes it dust and waterproof in accordance with the IP67 protection class. A self-locking nut is included in the scope of delivery, which provides the necessary hold for the socket with a housing thickness of up to 8 mm.

Technical specifications:

  • Side 1: IP67 USB 2.0 type A, female, lockable, incl. one key and cap
  • Side 2: USB 2.0 type A, male
  • USB cable: AWG28x1-AWG24x2C+AL+D+B, beige
  • UL2725 (80 °C 30 V)
  • Weight: 

Further IP67 solutions are available and can be customised at any time. Talk to us about the special requirements of your application or find out more about the general IP protection classes. We will be happy to provide you with a customised offer at any time.

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