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IP67 socket with RJ45 plug & union nut


Our High-Quality IP67 Connection Cable with RJ45 Network Connector

Our high-quality IP67 connection cable, featuring an RJ45 network connector, has been specifically designed for demanding environments. With its robust all-metal construction and IP67 protection rating, it offers reliable performance and protection in challenging industrial applications.

On one end of the cable, you'll find a sturdy 8-pole RJ45 plug with a lock nut and an M25x1.5 thread. This ensures a stable and secure connection that can withstand adverse conditions. The connection on side 1 is waterproof and secure, thanks to a sealing ring, cable gland, and O-ring, making it ideal for use in environments where moisture and dust may be a concern.

On the other end of the cable, there's another 8-pole RJ45 plug, enabling easy plug-and-play connectivity. This straightforward connection greatly simplifies installation and saves time. With a generous cable length of 500 mm, this cable provides the flexibility needed for various installation requirements. It can be used in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, outdoor areas, and other demanding locations. The full-metal version ensures increased durability and offers protection against external influences.

Technical Specifications:

  • Side 1: IP67 panel mount RJ45 socket (full metal), male with lock nut
  • Side 2: 8-pole RJ45 plug connector, male
  • Thread: M25 x 1.5
  • Cable: Shielded, CAT5, Length = 500 mm
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 85°C
  • Includes sealing ring, cable gland, and O-ring
  • Lock nut: Aluminium

Optional accessories: Are you looking for the right counterpart? We are happy to offer you the corresponding through socket KAB-IP67-VM-RJ45-F-RJ45-M-0500RK.

Our tailored IP67 solutions are specifically customized to meet the requirements of your application. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Feel free to explore our range of other IP67 solutions. We offer pre-configured options at any time and are available to discuss your specific requirements. Additionally, consider learning more about the general IP protection classes to find the best solution for your applications.

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