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DC cable with CviLux connector for K3832Q mITX board


Explore our premium cables and connectors designed for the new INTEL ATX12VO power supply standard. With ATX12VO, the motherboard receives exclusively 12 volts, generating 3.3 V and 5 V internally. Introducing our 10-pin Main Power Connector, replacing the traditional 24-pin ATX plug.

Our connectors align perfectly with ATX12VO standards, ensuring efficient power supply, especially at partial load. Unlike conventional connectors, our 10-pin (2x5-pin) connector resembles Molex Mini-Fit series but features a unique coding, no longer compatible with Molex Mini-Fit Standard.

Manufactured by CVILUX, a renowned brand, our connectors boast top-notch quality.

The new type used is from CVILUX:

  • Motherboard Connector: CviLux CP0131013S-HC-NH-X22
  • Matching Cable Socket: CviLux CP-01110031-E-X22

Our cables come with HIGH CURRENT Crimp contacts, certified up to AWG18 (approx. 0.89 mm²) and 10A for secure and efficient power transmission. We offer not only standard solutions but also custom cable assemblies tailored to your unique requirements.

Learn more about our high-quality products; contact us for tailored cable solutions perfect for your applications. With our expertise, we're ready to support your project implementations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Side 1: 39-01-2165
  • Side 2: CVILUX (equivalent to CP-01110031-E-X22), L = 400 mm
  • Side 3: 39-01-2045, L = 300 mm
  • Cable: AWG18
  • UL1007

Custom configurations are available anytime – reach out to us and design your connection based on your specific requirements!

Matching pin headers: C4255WVA-FK-2X05PN0BT1NS3B, 10157976-1022BPLF, GAP-APOW0106-P001A01, HMBA050-K3FF2-4H, AC2211-0009-003-HH

Socket connectors identical to: C4255HF-2X05PN0BNPNS3G, 10158000-101LF, ABA-WAF-903-P01, AB9001-0009-005-HH

Supported boards: K3832-Q mITX, PRO H610M 12VO

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