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FFC connection and stripping types

FFC Flex Foil Cables are available in various designs. The direct mounting with FFC/FPC connectors is a very popular technique.

However, the direct soldering to PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) or the connection with conductive adhesives by the HEAT SEAL procedure is also possible.

The designs below are defined as follows:

  • Type A: stripped and reinforced on equal side
  • Type B: stripped on both sides, reinforced on one side
    (except grid 0.50 mm)
  • Type C: stripped on both sides, no reinforcement
    (except grid 0.50 mm)
  • Type D: stripped and reinforced on opposite sides

We also offer special designs e.g. PULL Tabs (reinforcement as assembly aid) or side catcher, different colored reinforcements, labels etc. Please contact us.

FFC-cables are also in black available!

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