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10-pin cable assembly with Zero Hachi connector

Discover the Zero Hachi connector: your solution for space-saving and reliable connections!

Introducing our cable assembly with the Zero Hachi connector series. The Zero Hachi series is optimally tailored to the increasing requirements for space saving and electrical reliability in electronic devices. With a fine pitch of just 0.80 mm and a low height of 1.60 mm, this connector offers impressive versatility to meet the different requirements of various devices and applications.

Our customised solutions

We offer customised cable assemblies with the Zero Hachi connector to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need 2, 5, 10 or even 20 pin counts, we manufacture the perfect solution for your project.

Technical specifications:

  • Side 1: MLX 214719-2100 socket, 10-pin, with crimp contact: 214720-5000
  • Side 2: open end, smooth cut
  • 10 x stranded wire AWG28
  • UL1571
  • L = 500 mm
  • Current rating: 1.5 A (2 to 6 circuits), 1.0 A (7 to 20 circuits)
  • Pitch: 0.80 mm
  • Mated height: 1.60 mm

Features and benefits in detail:

  • 40 % smaller footprint compared to other wire-to-board products in 1.00 mm pitch for leading space savings.
  • Two-point contact design for optimum contact mixing and electrical reliability.
  • Friction lock on crimp housing for better grip and increased reliability of connector and harness.
  • U-shaped crimp termination for easy insertion of the crimp contact into the connector housing.
  • Low overall height of 1.60 mm enables slimmer device designs.
  • Easy-to-grip design for easy handling during mating and unmating.

The Zero-Hachi series of connectors sets new industry standards by offering a 40% smaller footprint, enabling groundbreaking space savings. Ideal for industries that require thinner end product designs, such as tablet PCs, wearables and AR/VR devices.

With the dual-point contact design and easy-grip design, the Zero Hachi connector not only makes assembly and handling easier, but also provides reliable performance for your electronic devices.

Further information can be found in the attached data sheet. And don't forget: we also manufacture customised solutions according to your requirements!

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