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IP67 USB 3.1 Type C cable | M12


Discover our IP67 USB3.1 cable – a high-quality solution for rugged applications in demanding environments. Featuring a female IP67 USB Type C connector with an M12 thread on one end and a male USB Type C connector on the other, this cable provides a reliable and secure connection.

Reliable Connection in Demanding Environments

Robust Industrial Quality: Our IP67 receptacle is specifically designed for use in demanding industrial environments. The cable is durable and performs even under extreme conditions. With a length of 500mm, it's perfect for various environments. The AWG28 round cable and UL2725 certification ensure fast data transfer and reliable performance.

IP67 Protection Rating: Thanks to the dust cap securely attached to the receptacle, this cable achieves an IP67 protection rating. This means it's completely dust-tight and also protected against temporary immersion in water.

Safety Features: A lanyard prevents the receptacle from getting lost, even when not actively in use. The dust cap and seals provide protection and ensure reliable performance under all conditions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Side 1: IP67 USB 3.1, Type C, receptacle with M12 thread, female
  • Side 2: USB 3.1, Type C, plug, male
  • Cable: USB 3.1, AWG28, black
  • Cable Length: 500 mm
  • Temperature Range: 80 °C
  • Voltage: 30 V
  • UL2725 certified
  • Includes screw-on dust cap with internal security wire
  • Includes nut and seal

This cable is the perfect choice for industrial applications where a reliable connection is crucial, whether in manufacturing, outdoors, or other demanding environments.

Need a specific cable length or custom configuration? No problem! We offer custom lengths upon request and design your individual IP67 assembly. Explore our other IP67 solutions and talk to us about the specific requirements of your application or learn about the different IP protection classes.

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